It’s been a phenomenal success

Last Friday morning, the Amundsen sailed into historic Quebec City, bringing to an end 15 months at sea for scientific and human health research in the Arctic.

The Amundsen returns to port.

A crowd was on hand to greet the Amundsen and its crew.

Inuit Health Survey Project Leader Dr. Grace Egeland gave a short speech at a press conference on Friday at the Coast Guard base. Representatives of the federal government, Canadian Coast Guard, Circumpolar Flaw Lead, ArcticNet and several universities also gave speeches.

‘The Inuit Health Survey is about partnerships,’ Dr. Egeland said. ‘It’s been a phenomenal sucess.’

Hannah Angootealuk of Coral Harbour, Nunavut is interviewed by a member of the media about her experience as an interviewer with the Inuit Health Survey, after disembarking from the ship.

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