What will happen with the results

All adult and child participants will receive their personal results by mail after “Qanuqitpit? Qanuippitali? Kanuivit?” is completed. The information collected will be used to look at the overall health and wellness of Inuit in the three jurisdictions. Communities will receive information on the health of their residents and about where health promotion efforts may be needed.

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It’s been a phenomenal success

Last Friday morning, the Amundsen sailed into historic Quebec City, bringing to an end 15 months at sea for scientific and human health research in the Arctic. The Amundsen returns to port. A crowd was …

We had a team

Modest though she may be about her contributions, there’s no denying that there would be no Inuit Health Survey without Helga Saudny-Unterberger. The assistant to Project Leader Dr. Grace Egeland …

Nearing the end

The Amundsen is currently anchored outside of Quebec City, waiting for its predetermined entrance time tomorrow morning back to port. Following the ceremony, the Health Survey crew will depart for their respective …