"Qanuqitpit? Qanuippitali? Kanuivit?" "How about us? How are we?"
The 2007/2008 Inuit Health Survey for the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, Nunavut and Nunatsiavut.

Our Purpose

Health survey
The Inuit Health Survey is the first comprehensive look at the health of Inuit in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, Nunavut and Nunatsaivut. Inuit have expressed a desire to develop a health project that leaves a legacy for the future. So it is with “Qanuqitpit? Qanuippitali? Kanuivit? How about us? How are we?” that partners from the Canadian North and South will conduct a health survey that will discover information that Inuit want to know; information about the health and wellness of Inuit adults, children and communities throughout the North. Each jurisdictions' communities and Department of Health support the Inuit Health Survey. Research will respect Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit, be conducted ethically and will respect the confidentiality of each participant.

Our Mission

“Qanuqitpit? Qanuippitali? Kanuivit?” strives to improve health care planning, personal health and community wellness for Inuit in each of the three regions by conducting a comprehensive and long-term health and wellness survey that:

  • uses up-to-date scientific and research practices
  • responds to Inuit needs and priorities
  • is culturally appropriate and acceptable
  • is developed in a participatory partnership and co-owned, in the long-term, by Inuit and community representatives

What will happen during the Inuit Health Survey?


Adult participants from randomly selected households complete initial parts of the survey on land, in their community. The second part of the survey is done on the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Amundsen, where participants have a clinical appointment. Approximately 1,117 people will be involved in the survey in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, Nunavut and Nunatsiavut in 2008. In 2007, 1,214 Inuit adults in 18 coastal communities in the Baffin and Kivalliq regions of Nunavut were involved. Thirteen communities in Nunavut were visited for the Child Health Survey in 2007 and four more communities were visited in the territory in 2008.

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Who can participate?

Households in each community were randomly selected to participate in the Inuit Health Survey. From these households, Inuit women and men, 18 years and older, could participate. Appoximately 12% of people from each community will be randomly selected to participate.

What will happen with the results?

All adult and child participants will receive their personal results by mail after “Qanuqitpit? Qanuippitali? Kanuivit?” is completed. The information collected will be used to look at the overall health and wellness of Inuit in the three jurisdictions. Communities will receive information on the health of their residents and about where health promotion efforts may be needed.